Agnes is a freelance food stylist, photographer & blogger based in Stockholm, Sweden. She is the founder of Cashew Kitchen - a (whole) foodie photography blog, focusing on simple, seasonal and vegetarian food. Agnes initiated at the table in early 2015, and asked Maria to join her in developing the concept. Together they've created the structure for the workshops and later on recruited Linda & Rania to join the team. During the at the table events Agnes teaches classes as well as administrates the events.
Agnes has been food blogging since 2013 and has a background in Fine Arts & Art Theory, and a bachelor degree in Human Ecology. It is important to her that food is prepared with love and care for our bodies as well as the planet. Agnes's food photography can best be described as eerie and tranquil, reminiscent of rustic country side living. Combined with northern nature photography her blog reminds us of a slower way of living, recognizing the beauty in the little things around us. 



Rania is a coffee loving, Sundsvall based freelance photographer & video artist specializing in outdoor, portrait, interior and food. On her blog she writes about hiking adventures, downshifting, quiet coffee moments and her cat Ellie. The shifting seasons and stunning scenery of the north are captured through her lens, combined with in-the-process posts and scenes from Rania's work life. She has always been passionate about food; cooking with friends, setting the table and sitting down sharing a meal. With her camera, Rania masterfully captures the vibrancy & love of buzzing dinner parties. In 2014 she was granted the Scandinavian Photo blog scholarship, and in 2015 she was nominated for Best Outdoor Photography in Simply Hike Blogger Awards. Her photographic expression is stained with age, using worn props and warm colors. Rania's role in at the table is as photographer and filmmaker. She will document the entire experience and create invaluable material that help us remember every single beautiful detail. 


Maria is a Stockholm based freelance food stylist & photographer and award winning food blogger on Made by Mary. Along with Agnes, Maria has developed the concept & structure for at the table. During the events Maria teaches classes as well as administrates the events. 
Maria's food photography is colorful and rustic and perfectly styled to the last detail. She is hopelessly in love with food; cooking, eating, smelling, sharing, styling and photographing. So much it made her leave her previous job as Custom Delivery Manager. Now her work life is all about creating beautiful food that is a pleasure both to look at and to devour. With years of experience, Maria's at the table classes gives us an insight into the daily work life of a professional food photographer. 


Linda Lomelino is a cookbook writer, food blogger and freelance photographer and stylist. For 6 years she has been blogging about sweet food on Call me Cupcake. Her first two books "Lomelino's cakes" and "Lomelino's Ice Cream" have been translated to French, German, Dutch & English, and her latest book "Sweet food & photography" is a must in every foodie's collection. Linda has a thing for using foraged flowers such as apple bloom and lilacs when decorating her cakes, and her unique style is well known in the food blogging community. Her role in at the table is teaching classes in food styling & photography, giving us an insight into how Linda's distinct style develops and how the thinks about her work.