Whilst gathering around home cooked meals, we teach styling & storytelling through food. Each event is a unique & carefully curated experience in slow living & eating, with northern traditions at its core. 



At the table is a set of events that embraces slow living & eating and is all about discovering the beauty in the moment with focus on cooking, styling and photography. We who teach are professional food bloggers, stylists, photographers and cookbook authors, all passionate about capturing that luscious strawberry cake or vibrant spring salad. Rustic food and the tranquil scenery of Scandinavia is what inspires us. This and much more we would like to share with you At the table

Our events will bring you fresh perspectives and new inspiration as it is built around an entire experience. Meeting, dining and networking is as important as the actual workshop sessions. 

Each event consists of several workshop sessions as well as curated dinner experiences, set in harmonious, nature close locations. We let the seasonal produce at hand guide the meals we cook and the food we style. For our first event, the autumn harvest was the vein flowing through all our activities. For photos from that event, click here.


At the table sprang from a desire to use the beautiful Swedish countryside to create a space where people can retreat to eat well, getting inspired and form friendships for life. In March 2015, Agnes Gällhagen of Cashew Kitchen sent an email to Maria Strömberg Bååth of Made by Mary, asking if Maria wanted to join her in developing such a concept. Agnes wrote that she could see these kind of gatherings pop up all over the world, and felt like someone ought to do something similar in Sweden. Scandinavia has so much to offer when it comes to vast areas of stunning nature and valuable knowledge in traditional, nordic cooking. The Swedish countryside is simply the perfect setting for a gathering that is all about living & eating well and finding inspiration, all in good company.

Luckily Maria felt the same. Within 30 minutes of that email being sent, a meeting was scheduled and the thing was rolling! During the spring when ideas started to take form and the structure of the first event was being developed, food blogger Linda Lomelino & photographer Rania Rönntoft was recruited to the team. Together the four of us plan to create many events in the future, on different locations and with changing themes. We sincerely hope that you want to join us At the table!

To read more about our first event, head over to the Event page.

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