Glimpses from Dala-Floda


Long time no seen. Since July when we released the tickets for At the table autumn workshop, we've all been SO busy prepping the event. And it was everything we've ever hoped for! We had such a lovely group of participants who inspired us as much as we inspired them. Dala-Floda showed itself from it's best side - warm yet crisp sunny autumn weather, with just the right amount of cloudy skies for when we were photographing ;) Per & Evalotta who run the B&B we stayed at were extremely helpful and they've done such a good job creating this calm & welcoming space. We felt instantly at home and could hence direct our energy towards the workshops. Besides hard brain work during three inspiration & information loaded workshop sessions, we ate simple but amazing food, largely made from biodynamic produce from the local farm Wålstedts Gård & organic dairy products from Arla. And we talked and talked and talked over a few glasses of biodynamic wine. I love how we all were so curious about each others lives and work situations! When you work a lot alone from home it is so valuable to meet other freelancer's to exchange tips and experiences. 

A few special moments: that decadent chocolate cake with chocolate ganache that Linda made for her workshop and for us to devour after, the business conversations we had at dinner about the importance of making sure you get fair pay for your work (+ the feminist power vibes going on!), the foggy lake in the early morning light, the steel cut oats porridge & freshly baked bread Per served us for breakfast, the vibrating energy in the room during the practical workshop and the amazing stylings & photographs the participants created <3

Each participant received a welcoming goodie bag with organic snacks & juices from Saltå Kvarn. Among other things it contained their yummy sundried mulberries & salted almonds <3 The participants also got a gift from Broste Copenhagen of two gorgeous bowl from their 'Nordic Sand' series, plus a linen tablecloth, that will be very helpful in future styling situations ;)

Rania, who photographed the event, managed to capture it so beautifully, and there's now a whole bunch of photographs up that you can have a look at

Thanks to our sponsors Saltå Kvarn, Arla, Broste Copenhagen & Wålstedts Gård. This wouldn't have been possible without you! And thanks to our awesome participants for believing in us & joining us At the table. We hope that some of you return, and that we will meet many more of you in the future!

at the table team

Welcome to our brand new website!

Whoa! We finally put the last touches on this website, and it is now LIVE! We are quite proud of how it looks and we hope that you will find lots of useful information here and get even more excited about joining us At the table!
There's a few things we are still working on, like a detailed schedule for the 11-13th September event, and the ticket release. We are truly working as fast as possible with putting all the details into place, but as you can imagine it's a lot that needs to be considered :) Anyhow, as soon as there's any new info out you can trust it will pop up here. You can always subscribe to our Early Bird's Notice over at the Tickets page to be the first one to know. 
Now - sleep. Tomorrow - back to working on this awesome project!

at the table team

The dates are set!

It is now decided that our very first gathering will happen the 11-13th of September, 2015! Yay! Up until now all our planning and wild ideas has almost felt like a dream, but now with the dates set we are starting to realize that this is actually happening. Today we also launched our Facebook page where you ask questions and stay updated on how our planning is coming along. Not long now until we will release the location and tickets! Omg this is gonna be so much FUN! We truly hope that you guys are as excited as we are, and that you will join us At the table. We look forward to meet each and every one of you, and build friendships and work relationships that will last us throughout our lives. 

xo Agnes, Maria, Linda & Rania